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8 Bit Pulp (8Bit Pulp Book 4)

This is a 200-page zombie spectacular, featuring comics, photos, and short stories within the classic tradition of pulp magazines. Brains!

A Shrouded World Comic: Vol. 1

Meet Jack Walker a tough no-nonsense former Air Force pilot. He is torn from his family and the Night Runner


The masterpiece by Belgian comics creator Hermann is available in English for the first time! A misanthropic European expatriate, Dario

Atomic Robo & Other Strangeness

An invading vampire dimension. A giant mutant monster. A probably not time traveling but definitely psychotic dinosaur. An anomalous entity

Atomic Robo & The Fightin’ Scientists of

In 1923, Nikola Tesla’s career is in its twilight until he unveils a robot with automatic intelligence — ATOMIC ROBO!

Atomic Robo & The Flying She-Devils of The Pacific

It’s 1951. The Pacific Theater of World War II ended six years ago, but the fighting never stopped. Pirates, warlords,

Bitch Caliber 45: the Graphic Novel

Justice meant everything to him, until they killed his wife. Since then he had given up and passed on to

Broken Telephone

A globe-crossing crime story where everyone’s the hero of their own story, and the villain of someone else’s. When a

Code 991

Jeff Millet, a detective in the crime-ridden city of Burkon City is tired of the normal grind. However, his perspective


Creepypasta is the very first full-length comic influenced by internet horror. This hardcover, double issue is a return to pulp

Dane Curse (Black Cape Case Files Book 1)

For a guy like me, who can shrug off bullets and lift seven tons, there’s no better profession than powered

Dark of the Moon: The Golden Age Volume III

When cities are attacked by a mysterious force, the “occult scientist” known only as “Dr. X” sends his squad to

Deadpool Pulp

Collects Deadpool Pulp #1-4. Wade Wilson, codename: Deadpool is the only one capable of hunting down a rogue CIA agent

Deadpool Pulp (Issues) (4 Book Series)

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. He’s the CIA’s deadliest agent, and he’s also suffering from multiple personality disorder. Wilson is also

Devil Dog: The Amazing True Story of the Man Who Saved

Pulp History brings to life extraordinary feats of bravery, violence, and redemption that history has forgotten. These stories are so

Doc Savage: The Desert Demons (The Wild Adventures

CALIFORNIA…THE SIZZLING SUMMER OF 1936… On the urgent orders of their chief, Doc Savage’s men are assembling in Los Angeles.

Eerie Comics, Number 1, Eyes of the Tiger

This haunting debut of Eerie comics contains the following stories…This man loves felines to death in “The Eyes of the

Eerie Comics, Number 7, Blood for the Vampire

This freaky issue of Eerie comics contains the following stories… A young couple tries to confront an ancient evil vampire

Escape from the Vigilante Crypt!: A Ghost Zero Comic

Eddie Quick has a haunted ring that allows him to be possessed by the ghost of a gun slinging vigilante.

Fairy Tale Parade, Number 1

In this gorgeously remastered digital premiere of Fairy Tale Parade you’ll find the following stories…A kind couple’s wish for a

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye

The first volume of the crime-comic megahit that introduced the now-infamous Marv and spawned a blockbuster film returns in a

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 2: A Dame to Kill

The second volume of Frank Miller’s signature series is now planned as the lead story in the upcoming Sin City

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 3: The Big Fat

One of Sin City‘s most fascinatingly conflicted characters, Dwight, returns in The Big Fat Kill, the third volume of Frank

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 4: That Yellow

Frank Miller changes the game in the fourth volume of his signature crime series, introducing the only truly heroic figure

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 5: Family Values

Frank Miller’s first—ever original graphic novel is one of Sin City‘s nastiest yarns to date! Starring fan—favorite characters Dwight and

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 6: Booze, Broads,

The Sin City graphic novels are among the most widely acclaimed comics in history, but Frank Miller is also a

Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 7: Hell and Back

Hell and Back, the final volume of Frank Miller’s signature series, is the biggest and baddest Sin City of them

Free Spirits: A Story of the Grapple Gun Universe

Wesley “Tennessee” Beauregard hunts the deadliest game: metahumans identified as threats by the government of the United States. But when

GANZIR – Part 1: Bad Guy (GANZIR – The

What is GANZIR? A person? A place? A thing of myth? Enter the gates of Ganzir to a dimension of

GANZIR – Part 2: Pandora’s Box (GANZIR

As the GANZIR saga continues on the planet Pandora V, Marshal Daniel and Officer Robby descend into the cavernous depths

GANZIR – Part 3: The World of Tomorrow, Chapter

Marooned 400 years in Earth’s past, Marshal Daniel, now surviving as a private eye in 1939 New York, can only

GANZIR – Part 4: Back in the Here and Now (GANZIR

Marshal Daniel is on the last train to Hell for the final showdown with the Dark Woman. So, grab a

Ghosts with Guns: A Ghost Zero Comic

Eddie Quick has a haunted ring that allows him to be possessed by the ghost of a gun slinging vigilante.

Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal

An uneasiness festers upon the city streets, threatening the peace and safety of law-abiding citizens. A war is escalating, and

Grimwood Crossing: Issue #1

GRIMWOODCROSSING.COM Vampires and Werewolves are part of the everyday struggle for a frontiersman in the grim old west. But Grimwood

GUN: Fighting is my Monday

“LIKE A GRINDHOUSE SUPERHERO MOVIE GONE AWRY…”  Trevor Werner is the sinister Mr. Twist, a gun – the good guys

Haunted Thrills, Number 1, A Coffin Waits

In this premiere and delightfully horrifying issue of Haunted Thrills you’ll find the following dastardly stories of fright and fear…An

Heavy Metal Pulp: Money Shot: Netherworld Book Three

Detective Rook Venner was a successful investigating officer for the Hudson Valley Police Department—until the General Sangacha murder case came

Heavy Metal Pulp: Pleasure Model: Netherworld Book

Presenting Heavy Metal Pulp, a new line of novels combining noir fiction with fantastic art featuring the themes, story lines,

Heavy Metal Pulp: The Bloodstained Man: Netherworld

Presenting Heavy Metal Pulp, a new line of novels combining noir fiction with fantastic art featuring the theme, story lines,

Howdy Doody, Number 1

In this lovingly remastered premiere issue of Howdy Doody we find the following adventures, activities and tales… Say a fine


What do we do when they come to our home? A growing pack of vicious creatures is on the small

John Wayne Adventure Comics, Number 1, The Mysterious

In this premiere, gun-slinging issue of John Wayne Adventure Comics we join our favorite hero in the following stories…The outlaw

Justice, Inc. Vol. 1

A historic crossover seventy-five years in the making! The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Avenger, the three iconic crime-fighters first

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet Vol. 1: Sins of the

Collects issues #1-5 of THE GREEN HORNET, plus bonus materials! The Green Hornet is back, and Dynamite is the new

Manifest vol 1

Tessa Theus was a heroine: Thunder Girl. The greatest heroine, probably. Even with her questionable look and her all-around not-so-heroic

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

An unvarnished, unauthorized, behind-the-scenes account of one of the most dominant pop cultural forces in contemporary America Operating out of

Ms Patriot: Winner Takes All (Grimme City Super Heroines

Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest! Grimme City’s super heroines are young, hot, and descended of the legendary