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…Preceded by Chaos: Vol. 0

…Preceded by Chaos is an illustrated short story. The protagonist, Mitchell Weaver, is a young Emergency Medicine doctor. Mitchell has

Abbott #1

Hugo Award-nominated novelist Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) and artist Sami Kivelä (Beautiful Canvas) present one woman’s search for the truth

Almost Silent

This graphic novel omnibus includes You Can’t Get There From Here, about a monster love triangle; Tell Me Something, about

Angel & Faith Season 9 Library Edition Volume

The death of Buffy’s mentor at Angel’s (possessed) hand has the vampire looking to make amends by bringing the Watcher

Angel and Faith: Season Ten Volume 1: Where the River

Angel’s work is never done. Last time he averted an apocalypse, part of London turned into a chaotic stew of

Baltimore Volume 6: The Cult of the Red King

Continuing his quest to destroy the Red King, Lord Baltimore heads to the icy Baltic Sea and to northern Russia,

Buffy: Season Nine Library Edition Volume 2

When Buffy is unemployed and killing fewer vampires than ever, a group of Slayer-driven special forces called Deepscan gives her

Buffy: Season Nine Library Edition Volume 3 (Buffy

Buffy, Xander, and Willow confront new enemies—a superbeing bent on revenge, a Slayer gone rogue, and the ancient god who

CLAN OF THE VEIN (Special Edition): A Vampire Hunter

A special edition 16 PAGE preview comic book for the up coming ‘CLAN OF THE VEIN’ Graphic Novel / Feature

Corpse Party: Blood Covered, Vol. 1

A stormy night. A harmless ghost story. A silly pact intended to symbolize their friendship. But before the students of

Courtney Crumrin Vol. 7: Special Edition (Courtney

At long last, Courtney Crumrin Tales returns… in full color! Though the Witches and Warlocks of Hillsborough keep to themselves

Creepy Archives vol. 15

When Creepy teams up with Edgar Allan Poe, you know you’re in for a terrifying treat! The latest volume includes a whopping twelve tales

D.Gray-man, Vol. 19: Born of Love and Hate

Following a brutal battle with a Level 4 akuma, Allen seems to be undergoing an odd and disturbing change. Meanwhile,

D.Gray-man, Vol. 22: Fate

Struggling with mounting turmoil over his own identity, Allen meets The Cardinal. Who is he? What is he? Why is

Dàimones: Prima Lux – chapter 4

The millennial balance between humans and vampires is going to be subverted by the awakening of a creature who was

Devils’ Line Vol. 5

Dr. Kano sets up a “chance meeting” between the unsuspecting Anzai and his mother. Lee visits a blood donor as

Devils’ Line Vol. 7

Ishimaru, still shrouded in suspicion, leads F Squad on a raid of the CCC’s hideout to get ahold of the

Edgar Allan Poe’s Spirits of the Dead

A collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s classics adapted by master horror comics artist and Eisner Hall of Fame inductee, Richard

Erma #1

This is the story of a little girl named Erma, who is enjoying life in the suburbs going to school,

Erma #2

Prepare for the next chapter in the bizarre and eerie misadventures of Erma. This time, with all new never-before-seen strips

Exterminite #2

What if there was a company that could go into your dreams and kill your nightmares? EXTERMINITE is a mind-bending

Future Diary, Vol. 5 (Future Diary Graphic Novel)

Thanks to Aru, Yukiteru and Yuno are set up on an unexpected date at a free “wedding trial” program.  But

Grave Business and Other Stories (The EC Comics Library)

Even in an era of explicit horror films, “Ghastly” Graham Ingels still delivers a shock to readers with his grisly


From the darkness! From the eternal night! The theater students of Sainte Jeanne d’Arc present for you, ladies and gentlemen,

Haunted Mansion (2016) #2 (of 5)

You can enter, but you can never leave…! Get ready to meet the 999 happy haunts residing in the mansion…but

Hell’s Kitty (Cat Scratch Fever Book 1)

Hell’s Kitty Volume I. may be the first comic entirely created from images used in a web-series. The book is

High School DxD Vol. 4

Issei’s on a rampage?! “President Rias’s virginity is gonna be mine!!”President Rias, the beautiful young devil, is betting her engagement

Highschool of the Dead (Color Edition), Vol. 6

As the mall refugees grow restless, Takashi and his comrades make plans to leave before Officer Asami’s authority slides further

John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 18: The Gift

Acclaimed author Mike Carey concludes his groundbreaking run on London’s working-class magus with JOHN CONSTANTINE, HELLBLAZER VOL. 18: THE GIFT.

Knights of Sidonia Vol. 4

A faction on the Sidonia that believes humanity’s aggressive posture toward the Gauna is responsible for the extraterrestial behemoth’s hostility

Knights of Sidonia Vol. 5

After a forbidden room is unsealed, heroic pilot Saito is no longer the only legendary Sidonian with a deceptive avatar

Lawdog: by Chuck Dixon & Flint Henry

Lawdog by Chuck Dixon and Flint Henry. The mind-warping, dimension-hopping, reality-bending cult series of the 1990s skids into the 21st

Magical Girl Apocalypse Vol. 5

Amidst the devastation of a post-magical girl world, Kogami Kii and his companions find themselves crossing paths at the university

Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide

Collects the complete MONSTER HUNTER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE mini-series! Monsters surround us. They’re everywhere; on TV, in movies …they haunt our


“From the modern day Edgar Allan Poe, comes a piece of writing so capturing, enthralling and all consuming, its hard

Parasyte Vol. 7

ENDGAME: Shinichi is both man and monster. He’s an ordinary high school student whose body has been invaded by an

Red Light Properties Vol. 1

Welcome to Red Light Properties, a Miami Beach real estate agency run by schlubby shaman Jude Tobin and his success-starved

Revival #26

More bodies are piling up as Dana questions who she can actually trust. Em questions what happens when the dead

Revival: Deluxe Collection Vol. 3

For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now, it’s up to Officer Dana Cypress


Mysterious things are happening in Range, a small town in the shadow of Mount Rainier. The lives the inhabitants are

School-Live!, Vol. 2

The School Living Club is going on its first field trip! Yay! (That is, with Megu-nee’s permission, of course…) What

SerVamp Vol. 3

School’s out for the summer, but fifteen-year-old Shirota Mahiru has no time to kick back. Not while the clock is

SerVamp Vol. 4

Shiroto Mahiru has one clear mission: to protect good people from harm. But his friend Arisuin Misono isn’t really in

SerVamp Vol. 6

WHEN BLOOD STARTS TO BOILKuro has never been the most enthusiastic of vampires, preferring to eat chips and lounge about

Shiver Bureau: Welcome to London

The exciting first volume of the Shiver Bureau series. Join Pickle and Trish as they investigate a curious case of

So Dark: Chapter 1

In this modern society, vampires are on the verge of extinction. Clandestine government agencies have decimated them and kept their

Tales of Mr. Rhee Vol. 1

When Lucifer awakens C’thulu to kickstart Armageddon, human survival becomes a challenge. Sometimes the enigmatic Mr. Rhee helps improve those

The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy

Experience the rabbit action epic that might have been! More than just a precursor to Stan Sakai’s beloved Usagi Yojimbo,