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Introducing Kant: A Graphic Guide (Introducing…)

Illustrated INTRODUCING guide to the pre-eminent philosopher of the Enlightenment. Immanuel Kant laid the foundations of modern Western thought. Every

“WHO ATE MY SANDWICH?” (Children’s

WHO ATE MY SANDWICH Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership Uncle Jake thought that

Diary of an Adventurous Creeper (Book 1): Creeper Chronicles

Brace yourselves as your world gets filled with lots of fun and excitement as you join Carl the Creeper in

Inside The Mind of an Introvert: Comics, Deep Thoughts

Comics for introverts, atheists, humanists, lefties, liberals, pro-choicers, feminists, gay rights activists, gun control advocates, freethinkers, intellectuals, science lovers, smart

The EC Archives: The Vault of Horror Volume 3

The Vault of Horror Volume 3comes to you courtesy of Dark Horse Comics! Presenting twenty-four terrifying tales illustrated by timeless

The EC Archives: Weird Fantasy Volume 2

The fantasies just get weirder at Dark Horse! This wonderful and bizarre volume collects issues #7-12 of the groundbreaking comics

“What’s So Scary?” (Bedtime Story Animal

This is the fifth book in a series that teaches children more about man’s best friend – while also teaching


Learn the value of decision-making! Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2-8 ** Read it FREE as part of your PRIME

The EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 5

Dark Horse Comics is proud to bring you more creepily classic Tales from the Crypt! Digitally re-colored using Marie Severin’s

Goodnight, Swampy the Little Monster: (Children’s

“Swampy the little monster was not always good;He sometimes didn’t do the things he should…“ Hey parents and bedtime story

Sick and Twisted (Cartoons by Gaspirtz Book 1)

A collection of Gaspirtz’ award-winning cartoons.

Jughead: The Matchmakers (Archie New Look Series)

For years, Archie fans the world over wondered what their favorite Riverdale teens would look like if rendered in a

Blackjacked and Pistol-Whipped: A Crime Does Not Pay

Gangsters, kidnappers, maniacal killers, and thugs of all stripes had their lurid stories recounted in Crime Does Not Pay! Featuring

The EC Archives: Weird Science Volume 1

Foreword by George Lucas! Find out what made EC among the most influential comic book lines ever in this complete

“WHITE CAT BLACK CAT ” : 3 + 1 (Children’s

White Cat, Black Cat: KIDS SERIES BOOKS: * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Youth in Revolt: Now a major motion picture from Dimension

The hilarious, take-no-prisoners novel about a cynical, sex-obsessed teenager’s pining love for an intelligent girl–the basis for the major motion

Les équinoxes (French Edition)

Tenter de capter, malgré son évanescence, ce sentiment de solitude qui nous saisit face à la complexité du monde. Cet

“Cleo’s ears” (Bedtime Story Animal

This is the fourth book in a series that teaches children more about man’s best friend – while also teaching

The EC Archives: Weird Fantasy Volume 1

Weird Fantasy Volume 1 touches down at Dark Horse Comics! Fully remastered in magnificent digital color, this otherworldly volume includes

The EC Archives: The Vault of Horror Volume 4: 30-35

Dark Horse Comics brings even more macabrely majestic stories from the vault! This terrifying tome has been digitally recolored—using Marie

“Bowie Finds a Doll” (Bedtime Story Animal

This is the first in a series of books that teaches children more about man’s best friend – while also

“The Little Puppy” (Bedtime Story Animal

This is the second book in a series that teaches children more about man’s best friend – while also teaching

A Fistful of Lunars: Shamsee Book 1

Shamsee’s a small time thief short on common sense. When he crosses The Blighter, a powerful gangster, Shamsee finds himself

Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood

Lunarbaboon shares life’s parenting moments from the perspective of a 30-something dad/husband/chaos survivor. Together with the savvy, laid back Mom,


Learn the important value of keeping your promises! Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2-8 ** Read it FREE as part

The EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories Volume 2

Classic chronicles of criminals and capers! Collecting issues #7-#12 of Crime SuspenStories from the immortal artistic talents of Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig,

Before You Go

When Sadie encounters the stylish and sophisticated Robin on the train one rainy day, little does she know that she’ll

The EC Archives: The Haunt of Fear Volume 2

Fright fans, beware! This hotly anticipated second volume—collecting EC Comics classic The Haunt of Fear #7–#12—is sure to chill you

The EC Archives: Panic Volume 1

Panic is on the attack! This volume reprints the first six issues of the madcap classic in glorious remastered color

“A Thin Thread of Love” (Bedtime Story

This is the third book in a series that teaches children more about man’s best friend – while also teaching

Pizza Boyz Issue 4: Home Made Gung Fu Flicks

The story for anyone whose ever tried to put a video or film together with their friends. You know how

Love Equation (Yaoi Manga)

Sakata has just gotten a job teaching physics at a school staffed with more handsome faces than a host club.

Want To Be Happy? (Yaoi Manga)

When Kazuhiro proposed to his girlfriend of three years, the last thing he imagined happening that night was finding himself

Purpose: Volume ONE

VOLUME ONE OF PURPOSE. Unlike her two best friends, Kuya Laureny is not too great at anything, nor too bad.

Aya de Yopougon (Tome 1) (French Edition)

Côte d’Ivoire, 1978. Aya, dix-neuf ans, vit à Yopougon, un quartier populaire d’Abidjan. Ça sent le début des vacances mais

Prolongations – Tome 1 – Passion (French

Journalistes, footballeurs professionnels, supporters, arbitres, leurs compagnes, tous vivent au rythme des résultats des matches de football tout au long

Ashes of the Phoenix: The Fade

An illustrated Slice of Life novel. Three lives entwine because of a subtle coincidence. A girl on the edge of

Zombie Cherry #1

Miu is an unfortunate occult fanatic, who guzzled down a whole bottle of “Cherry Soup”, the super strong cell revitalization

La France sur le pouce (Hors Collection Dargaud) (French

Olivier Courtois est journaliste. Dans ce gros et beau livre en couleurs, il nous raconte comment il a décidé de

Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome is a book published in 1911 by the Pulitzer Prize-winning American author Edith Wharton. It is set in

Mardon, l’intégrale – Pauvre Jean-Pierre

Ce volume comprend les albums suivants : “Corps à corps”, “Incognito” et “Leçon de choses” : des récits uniques et

Un thé pour Yumiko (French Edition)

Quand elle apprend la mort de son père, Yumiko, jeune graphiste londonienne, doit partir au Japon pour assister à la

Rosalie Lightning (French Edition)

« Nous avons perdu Rosalie il y a quelques jours. » Elle est décédée soudainement une nuit de novembre 2011,

Charles Bukowski. Retrato de un solitario (Spanish

Ágil y vívido ensayo biográfico sobre el gran escritor angelino Charles Bukowski.

La Légèreté (Hors Collection Dargaud) (French Edition)

Dessinatrice à Charlie Hebdo depuis plus de dix ans, Catherine Meurisse a vécu le 7 janvier 2015 comme une tragédie

La délicatesse (BANDES DESSINEE) (French Edition)

Nathalie et François sont jeunes et amoureux. Leur vie est une promesse. Tout est joyeusement possible. Mais François meurt accidentellement,

Crime Does Not Pay Archives Volume 1

Uncut and uncensored, the infamous precode Crime Does Not Pay comics are finally collected into a series of archival collections!

Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale

Kevin Keller is sure making a splash at Riverdale High! Recently elected class president, Kevin has gone from new kid