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Perfectly Normal Behavior

Perfectly Normal Behavior is a comic collection about snacks, anxiety, snack anxiety, and how living alone can make you get

Sleeping With Ghosts: The Hotel Avira Hauntings #1

Jaded Ghost Hunter, Sebastian Fletcher, meets his match when he arrives at the Hotel Avira and discovers that the dead

Sleeping With Ghosts: The Hotel Avira Hauntings #3

History repeats itself as Claire moves closer to the moment of her death. Determined to save her, Sebastian ventures into

Mi marido me estorba (Spanish Edition)

Somos la mejor creación de Dios. Somos sensibles, agradables, autosuficientes,sexys, adaptables, heroínas, atrevidas, sacrificadas, religiosas,valientes, necesarias, románticas, independientes… ¡E idiotas!.“Mujer

Celebrity showing lots of skin and booty big butt celebrity

Some of our favorite celebrity showing a lot of skin and booty while staying classy, this book contain over 78

Purple and Nine: The Lament of Leslie Loser

Why are the kids calling Leslie a loser? Why isn’t she eating her lunch? Something seems very, very wrong with

The Greatest Summer Job in the Whole Wide World

Armed with good looks, his lucky tie, and new-found freedom from the beautiful Scandinavian amazon Beverly, Calvin was on his

Happy Lines: A Self Love Manifesto (Par Neon Series

Happy Lines is a motivational book that inspires artful living and creation of a healthful life through visual subliminal persuasion.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Vol. 5

Movie-Making Madness — Tsubaki gets roped into acting a movie written, directed and produced by the VP of the film

The ABCs of Ella

A fun and whimsical illustrated ebook for grown-ups, and children too. This entertaining ABC book is full of vibrant and

Harvest Time Book-24 Natural Treats!

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of beautiful scenery Each picture is carefully selected to wet

Purple and Nine: The Adventures of Pyjama Boy

Purple and Nine is a full color digital comic book designed to get girls and boys excited about technology and

Amazing Beaches Book-24 Marvelous Sites!

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of beautiful scenery Each picture is carefully selected to wet

New York Four

Worlds collide when four young women begin college at the prestigious New York University. Shy, literate Riley, overachieving but naive

My Comic Mom!! Golden Age Artist Vee Quintal Pearson!!!

“Very nice! Your mother could easily have gone on to draw for many publishers such as True Crime or Gleason

Political Power: James Comey

As a young man, James Comey was the victim of a home invasion by a masked man known as the

The Whale

“In her debut graphic novel The Whale, 22-year-old artist Aidan Koch manages to conjure up some major emotions with barely

Culottées. Des femmes qui ne font que ce qu’elles

Sonita, rappeuse afghane et exilée militante ; Thérèse, bienfaitrice des mamies parisiennes ; Nellie, journaliste d’investigation au XIXe siècle ;

Pole Dancing Adventures: Volume 2

Join the fun again as the original webcomic about pole dancing has been collected into another humor filled book! This

Love & Rockets Vol. IV #2 (Love & Rockets

The second issue of Love and Rockets picks right up from Issue #1! Over on Jaime’s side, it’s La Llorona’s

Love and Rockets Vol. IV #4 (Love & Rockets Vol.

The 2017 Eisner Hall of Famers are still at the top of their game! In Jaime’s half, when the cat’s

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia

From acclaimed writer Mary M. Talbot and graphic-novel pioneer Bryan Talbot comes The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia, a portrait

Fabulous Weather Book-24 Absolute Wonders!

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of beautiful scenery Each picture is carefully selected to wet

Torchbearer #5: A Wet Affair

With the civilians of Nova Amazonia rescued, and Cayoti’s chance of recovery dwindling with each passing month, the Torchbearers resume

Crónicas de una divorciada (Crónicas de una divorciada

Jaqueline Kingsley acaba de encontrar la evidencia perfecta para llevar un divorcio a su favor. Sin embargo, no sabe como

Plan A for you

My father’s journal might open your eyes to a new world. Here’s a narration of a fresh day in fall

Naughty Ladies Tell Tales Uncut: Naughty Computer Repairs

Before Victoria became the lady of all she could be. She once walked a different road in life. Now for

Visions of A Lost Dove

This is a book of my thoughts, feelings, and views on life and things surrounding life. Some people tell me

Why I Hate Saturn Volume 1

Cranky Columnist Anne Merkel is only happy when she’s complaining…about her editors, about being single in New York City, about

The Power of Tank Girl

Tank Girl’s back with a bang in this Booga’s-pouched sized collection of three epically insane, depleted-plutonium adventures: The Grifting, Visions

My Boy, 1

An award-winner and top-seller in Japan, this provocative new manga handles its controversial subject with insight and sensitivity. Satoko Tawada,

Twin Spica, Volume: 04

Asumi is now in her second term at the Tokyo Space School. After struggling to be accepted into this elite

Atomic Sheep

Sixteen-year-old Tamrika Fuller is happy with her life. With good friends and good grades, she’s content to keep her options

The Wedding

Sarah and Simon are heading for their wedding day. For Sarah, this is a turning point in her life and

A Cappella: When Are You Coming Home?

Whimsical search for self and the nature of love and truth.“Pointeau’s character’s musing… have a sort of wistful energy, a

All the Growing Things, Part One: Maude

Contains Issues 1-5 of All the Growing Things (140+ pages), black & white art. An elderly gardener finds monsters living

“Victoria of the Amazon” Graphic Novel

After a plane crash in the Amazon, Victoria wakes up with extraordinary powers. She speaks with the endangered animals of

The Cathy Guisewite Interview

A career-spanning, in-depth interview with Cathy Guisewite, creator of the “Cathy” comic strip. The interview covers her upbringing, her early

The Spinster’s Guide to Dating

In The Spinster’s Guide to Dating, M. J. Minerman presents an unapologetic, politically incorrect, hypocritical, sometimes sarcastic, and always biased

Animal World Giggles Book-24 Smile Bringing Ways!

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of animal fun! Each picture is carefully selected to wet

A Custom-made map

What at first appears to be an ordinary graphic novel quickly reveals itself to the reader as an extraordinary work

Stella – Volume 1

Marathon running, clothes line swinging, hotel bed jumping, Stella. A perfectly imperfect woman, naked and bald, she is an eponymous

Sage Escape: Mars Gambit

The year 3042. The biggest military provider in the universe, FRIENDLY CORP, is wiping out human colonies and claiming their

Missing, Vol. 1 (Kim Willows Mysteries)

Collects Missing #1-4! Five years ago, a psychopath abducted six well-educated, professional woman. He was never caught. Now one of

Means to an End

Charlie Parker faces a crossroad in life. He stumbles through each day from one technology consulting job to another without

Women on Men

Chekhov once wrote, “Women deprived of the company of men pine, men deprived of the company of women become stupid.”

Terry Moore 25th Anniversary Sketchbook

Terry Moore began his comic book career in 1993 with the release of his critically acclaimed series, Strangers In Paradise.

Who Is Ana Mendieta? (Blindspot Graphics)

The graphic biography of a cultural icon whose feminist work changed art history until her controversial death.