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Breath of Joy!: Simply Summer

Hold Onto Your Sunhat! Dive into the Joy of Summer with this Classy Novelty. Yes, you can splash out of

Pole Dancing Adventures: Volume 1

The first year of the popular webcomic, Pole Dancing Adventures, has been collected into a 100 page volume featuring over

Unlovable Vol. 1

From the pages of Bust magazine, the sometimes ordinary, sometimes humiliating, often poignant and frequently hilarious exploits of ’80s teen

Next Level Issues: SIGNS OF MOVING ON UP! (Next Level

Next Level Issues are a few signs that one can look at to assess where they stand on the road

I, Parrot: A Graphic Novel

“[Unferth’s] language is sly and bitterly funny, matched in mood by Haidle’s monochromatic, inkwash-style artwork, which plays up the story’s

The Adventures of Golden A.S.S. Episode 1 Let the Adventures

Have you ever thought that every person you ever dated seemed like a bad person, bad like they should be

Snarking All The Way

Cusperland Presents – From the Author that Brought You The Ugly Christmas Cats’ RevengeSeven Snarky Stories featuring two best friends

Miss Muffet Fights Back!

An older yet wiser Ms. Muffet confronts the spider in their next encounter, through a spirited parody of Edgar Allan

How To Win At Strip Clubs

America used to be a country about winning. Democracy over totalitarianism; capitalism over socialism; TV over reading. All of them,

Bad Machinery Vol. 6: The Case of the Unwelcome Visitor

School is out for summer, and for the Tackleford mystery team, that means lazy days, balmy evenings, and… creeping existential

Faith Vol. 3: Superstar

Fight and flight!As Los Angeles’ high-flying protector, Faith has inspired the dreams of an entire metropolis… Now get ready to

The World’s Best Marriage Proposal Vol.3 (TL

Yukino was asked to act as double of her twin sister, Marino, for a blind date with Hikari, who is

The Reason She Left: and Other Stories

Comic books and philosophy don’t usually mix, but during her “drawn out” college career, Kristen Caven often used cartooning to


A compelling and perceptive wartime drama. In the mid-1930s, Irmina, an ambitious young German, moves to London. At a cocktail

Ladies of Market Street: Volume 1

It’s a comic book about crime fighting hookers. In Volume 1, Veronica has thrown a lavash party to raise money

Guitar Vixen Chapter 2

Over a thousand years in the future, a young woman travels the stars, spreading electric guitar music to the furthest

Liars In Lipstick: Volume II

Unlock the second volume of Liars In Lipstick. The secret world of cosmetics can be a beautiful one, but with

Rock Star Super Diva

When the forces of evil take the form of khaki dads in too-tight tees led by a mechanical menace with

The Adventures of Golden A.S.S. Episode 2 Beginnings…

Gwendolynn Everlast is dating and fighting bad guys… All in a days work for our action hero!

Next Turbo Cult

A smart, young woman from Muncie moves in with her green-haired rock-musician cousin in New York City for a chance

Sometimes Infinity Only Lasts 147 Pages: a shared quest

Sometimes, infinity only lasts 147 pages. Sometimes, at a cocktail party, it’s not easy to explain what you do in

Ai Ore!, Vol. 5: Love Me!

Much to Akira’s dismay, his lecherous tutor from middle school, Sho Kasuga, has suddenly reappeared. Akira has a secret from his

Guitar Vixen Chapter 1

Over a thousand years in the future, a young woman travels the stars, spreading electric guitar music to the furthest

Majestic Mountains Book-24 Beautiful Places!

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of beautiful scenery Each picture is carefully selected to wet


Reality really bites. GroomsDay is the story of Seven, a job-hunting college grad down on her luck. She replies to

Izithombe presents Zinzi in the City: Book 1

Down on the Southern tip of Africa lies the City of Gold – Johannesburg. There Zinzi lives with her friends,

When the Goddess of the Western Paradise Fell into

What does love look like? The Goddess of the Western Paradise Fell into a Puddle is an allegory about love,

Black Picket Fences Comic

Introducing Black Picket Fences, a semi-autobiographical graphic novel based on the webcomic about life, love, and drawing outside of the

milk teeth

What does the fairy do with my old teeth? Are mermaids warm or cold-blooded? How do seraphim reproduce? What does


Life on the Frontera has never been easy. It’s getting harder. How can you make the “right” decision when that’s

The World’s Best Marriage Proposal Vol.2 (TL

Yukino was asked to act as double of her twin sister, Marino, for a blind date with Hikari, who is

Glam Skanks: Glitter City #1

Glitter City has been taken over by THE MAN! Join the Glam Skanks as they take it back! Ever wanted

Love & Mangoes

Comic Adaptation of ‘The Hawker’ – from ‘The Perfect Girl, The Prostitute and Other Stories’ by CC Adetula

Scarlett Couture

Beautiful. Intelligent. Deadly. Scarlett Couture is all of these things, and more. She’s a spy. Using her cover as Head

The Adventures of Golden A.S.S. Episode 3 Here Comes

Bad boys are everywhere!!!!! Golden Baked Goodness is on a mission to save the world. Gwendolynn has to find a

The Separatist

At the onset of this novel we meet Julia Rice who is a journalist and is sought out by a

Really Weird Dads

Mr. S is a narcissist with low self-esteem. Mr. M is a drunken megalomaniac with Tourette’s.And Papa L is a

The Ballad of Brighid of Atlanta: Chapter 1

A boring assignment brings local TV reporter Bridget Primavera face to face with the Cailleach — the primeval Celtic spirit

A Bright Cold Day [Fashion Photo Book]

This fashion photo book will light up your day with 30 stunningly dark photographs… “Black is such a happy color!”

Octopus Pie Vol. 5

As they watch the days of their youth roll by, Brooklynites Eve, Hanna, and friends must confront the truth about

Pensées d’une solitaire (French Edition)

S’il est difficile de donner une juste idée des contemporains illustres dansl’intimité desquels on n’a pas pénétré, il l’est aussi

Femme Schism (Femme Schism Vol.1)

Loto, the young and campy leader of a remote indigenous community, is furious. First, a white Christian missionary shacks up

Witches Trine: Preview Edition

WITCHES TRINE is the centuries-spanning story of three immortal witches: Olivia, the Scholar; Eva, the Healer; and Victoria, the Warrior.

We Ate Wonderbread

This is veteran cartoonist Nicole Hollander’s first long-form work; her coming-of-age story, starring the gangsters, the glamorous, the bed bugs,

Diary of a Real-Life Phone Sex Operator–CENSORED

Watch the trailers here: Trailer 1: 2: CENSORED EDITION (Offensive words for body parts have been substituted with

Samui no Ame 1

What could connect a serial killer and a newspaper photographer? How does the destruction of a mental hospital have to

Who Is Ana Mendieta? (Blindspot Graphics)

The graphic biography of a cultural icon whose feminist work changed art history until her controversial death.

Terry Moore 25th Anniversary Sketchbook

Terry Moore began his comic book career in 1993 with the release of his critically acclaimed series, Strangers In Paradise.