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#LoveMUTTS: A MUTTS Treasury

In MUTTS, Patrick McDonnell strikes a delicate balance between lighthearted fun and responsible social commentary through the exploits of Earl

31 Days of Movie Movie Monsters: An Inktober Project

31 Days of Movie Monsters: An Inktober Project is a month’s worth of illustrations with as few words as possible.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Energy Independence

More or less nonfiction, this raucously funny book throws readers the insider’s curveball on oil embargoes, the race to the

A Toast to a Talk-Show Host

Flip through the pages of a tribute book to the legendary talk-show host David Letterman and laugh. Fans, friends, family,

AIEEYAAA! Learn Chinese the Hard Way: The English-Chinese

Don’t be fooled by books which promise you that learning Chinese is “easy”, “easier”, “simple”, or “instant”. Learning Chinese is

Ale y Lelita 2 (Spanish Edition)

¡Más de 300 tiras cómicas originales a full color!“Ale y Lelita” cuenta las divertidas experiencias de una pícara niña mientras

Alex and Tim’s Big Bad Book of Petty Punny Puns:

Now on Sale! (normal price $7.89) Veteran Pioneer Press illustrator Tim van Ness (baseball guy: the book) teams up with

Barnaby Vol. 3

The long-lost comic strip masterpiece by legendary children’s book author Crockett Johnson (Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Carrot Seed),

Big Top

“Harrell’s work combines pop culture, innocence, friendship, and some of the seamier side of the circus background that only adults

Bill the Sociopathic Flying Monkey

A pseudo children’s humor book. Bill is a sociopathic flying monkey who likes do mean things to the other forest

BINGE PARENTING: A Baby Blues Collection

 In this chronological collection, readers get a close-up view inside the home of the MacPhersons, a perfectly normal family with

Cafe Adam: An Adam@home Collection

Like a hot latte on a cold, rainy day, Café Adam is sure to warm the hearts of comic readers

Cartoons Your Cat Doesn’t Want You To See: An

Cartoonist Mark Parisi has got cats dialed in. He knows what makes them tick and what makes them tickle the

Christmas Cartoons

A jolly look at the Christmas tradition. Large full color cartoons, fun for all ages. Plus a bonus chapter: How

Close to Home 2016 Day-to-Day Calendar

John McPherson’s oddball characters turn up in familiar places, but their actions are always hilarious and unexpected. From the urology

Close to Home Unplugged: The Second Close to Home Anthology

The ninth collection from the series, set in a humorously skewered version of reality, features comics from three previous collections,

Desperate Households: A Stone Soup Collection

Capturing the riotous and exhausting life of working mom Val Stone and her extended blended family . . . Jan

Dragon Puncher Vol. 2: Dragon Puncher Island

We know the Dragon Puncher is a heroic warrior kitty in a robot battle-suit. But who is this new fierce

Drinky Crow Drinks Again (Maakies)

The latest collection of Millionaire’s weekly comics strip features the high-sea adventures of an inebriate crow, a stuffed monkey, and

Dude: The Big Book of Zonker (Doonesbury)

This breathtaking volume boldly, cheerfully, and blankly stares back across the stunningly mellow life and times of Zonker Harris. From

Ernie and the Piranha Club 1990

These are the original, unedited black and white Ernie/Piranha Club daily comic strips from 1990. Several of these strips have

Everything is Better with a Gorilla (Everything Series)

Being best buds with a great ape is basically the most awesome thing in the entire world. They’re excellent wingmen.

Evil Penguins 2: Armageddon

They’re back… and even badder than before. Reviews for EVIL PENGUINS:“A fun and breezy read. Anie channels The Far Side

Fante Bukowski Two

This graphic novella catches up with aspiring young writer Fante Bukowski one year later; he’s attempting to establish himself in

Ferociously Close to Home: A Close to Home Collection

Ferociously Close to Home delivers McPherson’s trademark take on the absurdities of everyday life. To say that his solutions to

For Better Or For Worse: The Complete Library Vol.

Collecting one of the most beloved comic strips of all time, with a devoted audience of more than 220 million.

Frazz 3.1416: A Frazz Collection

We’ve had singers, sports stars, and comedians [on the show], but Jef Mallett is the first artist to take the

Frazz: Live from Bryson Elementary

One of the last places you’d expect to find fun is in an elementary-school janitor’s cleaning closet. Creator Jef Mallett

Frodo the Sheltie: Do You Believe in Farm? (Frodo the

What if dogs could speak? Admit it, the way they perk their ears up and tilt their heads in wonder

Garfield Bigger and Better (Garfield Series Book 30)

With Garfield, you can feed an old cat new snacks! But our lovable ball of fur will take the leftovers, too!

Garfield Feeds His Face: His 64th Book

The perfect holiday gift for fans of the tubby tabby! Open Wide . . . and Laugh!   “Eat early

Garfield Out to Lunch: His 12th Book (Garfield Series)

The perfect holiday gift for fans of the lasagna-loving fat cat! When food is your life, it’s hard to think

Garfield Rounds Out: His 16th Book (Garfield Series)

On a diet or swallowing a lasagna whole, he’s still the same lovable Garfield. Getting in over his scruffy neck

Garfield Shovels It In: His 51st Book (Garfield Series)

FILL ‘ER UP   Garfield believes in living life to the fullest. No easy task for a cat with a

Garfield the Big Cheese: His 59th Book (Garfield Series)

Like a boss!   Head honcho Garfield takes charge in this riotous collection of comics. The fat cat is up

Go Fish

The debut collection of Mr. Fish’s searing and hilarious political cartoons, featured in Harper’s,, and elsewhere.

God is Cool: Another Twist to the Winding Path to Enlightenment

A 114 page book of refreshingly funny illustrations and quotes about the Spiritual path, all emerging from the creative pen

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

Two men. Two myths. One legend.The greatest love story ever told has finally been released in graphic novel form, featuring

Henry Speaks for Himself

What is it about odd-looking comic strip characters that catch the public’s attention? Carl Anderson’s classic comic strip character Henry

Hockey Daze

Hockey Daze hockey cartoons celebrates 25+ years of hockey hilarities. Come inside and enjoy the lighter side of hockey along

I Finally Graduated from High School (Jim’s Journal

After more than 10 years and six books, including the national bestseller “I Went to College and it was okay,”

I Have A Dick. Now What?

This book removes the mystery from masculinity. Within it’s pages, fully-illustrated lessons explain everything from the best ways to unhook

I’m So Pregnant: An illustrated look at the ups

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy meets Lobster Is the Best Medicine in this collection of funny illustrations that perfectly depicts

Is That a Picasso on Your Fridge?: Kids’ “Masterpieces”

SEPARATING FINGER-PAINTED GENIUS FROM CRAYON-DOODLED CRAPKids create them. Parents submit them. An art critic reviews them. And don’t think for

It’s A Gay Life

“It’s A Gay Life” is a robust collection of hilariously queer comics from the warped mind of Aaron Palmiter. Within

Jamie Goes to the Doctor: Not Based on a True Story,

The thing about this story Is… This is not based on a true story. That would be crazy. Just like

John Stanley: Giving Life to Little Lulu

This is a deluxe, full-color, coffee table book biography; the first of one of America’s greatest storytellers. It’s filled with beautifully

Krazy & Ignatz: 1937-1938: Shifting Sands Dusts

George Herriman integrated full spectacular color into Krazy Kat in June, 1935. The gorgeous evolution continues in our second color