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6th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Where NO Secrets

In Middle School: Friends are separated…Hearts get crushed…And the noises never end… Balancing Essynce Couture (my business) and school work,

A Pet Lion: A lion story book for kids: For kids who

A lion book for kids! “I want a pet lion,” Lucy declares with delight. “I’ll play with it, feed it

A-Z of Animal Poems & Colouring Book

A-Z of Animal Poems is also a colouring book to be enjoyed by all ages. It is unusual to have

ABC Learning Book: Learning my ABCs; Books For Kids:

A gentle rhyming ABC learning book for babies, toddlers, prescchool and kindergarten age kids. The beautiful bright colors and pictures

Abe and Mr. Tricks: A Magical Sub Day/Abe y Mr. Tricks:Un


Abuelito Swallowed a Mosquito!

Children will love this cultural twist to the classic rhyming tale, There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.

African Americans in Law and Politics (Major Black

On November 4, 2008, Americans went to the polls and elected the first black president in the history of the

An Educator’s Guide to Dual Language Instruction:

This user-friendly book is a key resource for teachers and administrators to ensure their school’s success in implementing and maintaining

Andrew Clements’ School Stories: Frindle; Landry

From Book 1: Is Nick Allen a troublemaker? He really just likes to liven things up at school — and

Armored Armadillo to Zippy Zebra: An Alliterative Anthology

Come along on a unique and whimsical safari adventure through the alphabet learning about familiar and unfamiliar animals with mesmerizing

Aubry’s 1st Flight

Six-year old Denam allows you to peek over her shoulder today for an intriguing journey to a private airport that

Charlie Whistler’s Omnium Gatherum: Campfire

In the tradition of The Dangerous Book for Boys, a visually dazzling compendium of practical knowledge, fascinating trivia, and worldly

Creative Children Like the Animals of the World: Stimulating

The kids become coauthors and co-illustrators in this STEAM fun educational book. The arts and literature serve to nurture curiosity

Dad for Hire

In this first book of the Dad for Hire series, we meet Natalie Hamilton, who grew up without a Dad.

Dentro de la Mente de un Joven Emprendedor: Cómo Empezar

Fundador de tres distintas empresas, co-fundador y Vice-presidente de Aspiras Foundation, finalista premio nacional de la juventud, coach graduado de

Desert Shadows

AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER For Caleb and Liam, a pair of close-knit brothers who have trouble fitting in at school, the

Diary Of A Wimpy Noob: Phantom Forces (Noob’s

Roblox Noob awakens alone in a strange place to find that he has lost his memory and is wanted by

Doable: The Girls’ Guide to Accomplishing Just

Got goals? This empowering guide shows how to tackle your to-dos with confidence and enthusiasm so that you can transform

English-Chinese Bilingual Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms

The first volume of English-Chinese Bilingual Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms contains 20 beloved Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms with Chinese versions

Erec Makes a Fire: A story about the first startup

Erec Makes a Fire is a children’s book about the first startup in history. Originally funded on Kickstarter, this book

Erst of Bees: A Wild Alphabet of Collective Nouns

Come and explore this wild alphabet book of collective nouns from the animal kingdom. The rhyming text is complemented by

Eye Wonder: Bugs (Eyewonder)

Enter the extraordinary empire of the creepy-crawly. From dung beetles to dragonflies, meet the neighbors you rarely see–but are essential

Fears of a Wantrepreneur

Every business book written by a famous, high-profile entrepreneur inevitably maps out their tips and tricks about how they became

For the Love of Texas: Tell Me about the Colonists!

Before Texas was Texas, it was a lot of things to a lot of different people. Comanche, Choctaw, French, Spanish,

Freeschoolin’: Life Is My School

Freeschoolin’: Life Is My School is the first book in the beautifully illustrated series of an Unschooled girl and her

Get Lit Rising: Words Ignite. Claim Your Poem. Claim

Get to know the Get Lit Players—a group of teens who use poetry to take on the world—with this standards-based

Girl Power Guidebook: The Program, Strategies, and

THE GIRL POWER GUIDEBOOK, together with the Girl Power Journal give you all you need to deliver and get the

Good Touch Day

During a classroom discussion about touch, Frederick repeats something he hears his parents say, “If everyone received the power of

Grumpy Gus Beats the Blues (Books for Kids Book 1)

Grumpy Gus is having a bad day until his friend comes to the rescue. Louie Lou is Gus’ best friend

Hideki and Kenji Save the Day

Hideki and Kenji are two Japanese boys who experience what they think is an earthquake and discover it is really

How to Survive an Active Killer: An Honest Look at

Incidents of mass violence are not new and are unfortunately not rare, yet our avoidance of these realities is quite

How to Write a College Application Essay: Expert Advice

For over 14 years, Tania Runyan has guided thousands of students in understanding, exploring, and crafting the college application essay—with

I Can Be

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Or maybe a dancer? How about an engineer? I Can Be shows

I Don’t Wanna Wear a Crown! (The Amazing Adventures

Natty Cat is a smart little girl who is curious about the world around her. What will she be when

Kate the Great and the Middle C Music Shop (Kate the

In this melodic book, Kate and her friend visit The Middle C Music Shop and discover the instruments! Music generates

kidCEO: Amazing Kids Share Their Success in Business

kidCEO™ features the most successful and influential kid entrepreneurs from across the country, who are running their own business, balancing


Middle schooler Adom Appiah shares a 12 step process and motivational stories on how kids can turn their passion into

Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally: More about Adverbs

What is an adverb? It’s hard to explain but easy to show—and that’s just what this book does, in rhyming,

LeadershipYOU: Your Future Starts With You

You’ve primed for your dream career with the right ingredients: education, technical savvy, and personal network. It’s up to you

Lily the Learner

Lily the Learner is a story of a young girl who learns about women in different STEM (science, technology, engineering

Luciano and His Sunshine Boots

Luciano loves his yellow puddle-stomping boots. Everyone he meets loves them too! Luciano’s Sunshine Boots help him feel better when

Ma MacDonald Flees the Farm: It’s Not a Pretty

(Humor) “Laugh out loud … clever … colorful.” – Israel Drazin, Amazon Vine Voice reviewer. What would you do if

Masks #11 (Vet Volunteers)

After Sunita’s beloved pet cat, Mittens, gets injured on her watch, she wonders if vet work is right for her.

Math Games Lab for Kids (Lab Series)

Math is the foundation of all sciences and key to understanding the world around us. Math Games Lab for Kids uses over

Mikey Learns About Business

Mikey is a 9 year old who wants to start a business, but he doesn’t know how. Mikey meets a

Mommy Works Too Much! (The Adventures of Mimi and Gigi

Why does Mommy have to work all the time? Why can’t she tuck me in at night? This is what

Mort in China Comic Issue 1 (Funny, Chinese, Indie,

About Mort in China Comic Mort in China is a Comic Book for Children, Teens, Young Adults and alike. If

My Daddy, the Amazing Nurse!: A rhyming career exploration

This adorable and engaging kid’s book — written by a registered nurse — explores the career of nursing with fun