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A Golden Adventure – The Hunt for the Missing

Do you love reading with your child? Do you love dogs? Then “A Golden Adventure – The Hunt for the

A Kiss Means I Love You

A kiss means I love you,a wave means hello,a smile means I’m happy,a tug means let’s go!Featuring engaging photographs of

A Rather Round Alphabet

A Rather Round Alphabet is a picture book that takes a trip through the ABCs with an eye for things

A Season to Bee

Fashion illustrator Carlos Aponte gives readers front row seats to the runway show of the season! Join Miss V. McQueen


T-Rex loves the alphabet so much, he wants to eat it up. So he takes a bite or two, and

Adventures of Zoey and Chase Vol1 The Boogerman: “kids

Zoey finds herself scared, but who’s to help? Chase to save the day! Follow along their adventures as they discover

Africa ABC

K stands for Kilimanjaro. Featuring a fun and educational adventure through Africa, this alphabet book is perfect for young readers

Alphabert! An A-B-C Bedtime Adventure

Author Rob Dircks and his brother, illustrator Dave Dircks, have teamed up again– this time with their very first children’s

Baby books: The First Book of Colors and Fruits (The

Dear Parent – This book will teach your baby the names of colors and Fruits! From my experience, I’m sure,

Baby’s First Cryptid

An alphabet book chock-full of fun creatures, which most people will tell you don’t exist, but will nonetheless entertain and

Bebé Goes Shopping

A quick trip to the supermercado? Not with Bebe in the shopping cart. Just as Mama is ready to throw

Bizz and Buzz Make Honey Buns (Penguin Core Concepts)

Bizz and Buzz are two bees who want to make honey buns. So, they ask their friend Bear for his

C is for Critter: the animal alphabet

Ignite your child’s imagination with some of the most fascinating critters in the alphabet! “C is for Critter” introduces kids

Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia

Dog says woof . . . pig says oink . . . cow says moo. Animals and the sounds they

Chicks! (Step into Reading)

When a family brings home chicks from a local farm, they must do everything they can to make sure their

Children’s book: ” Kate and Bob, Don’t

“Kate and Bob, Don’t Lose Hope”Sometimes things we have to do can be difficult, and we can feel discouraged, but

Children’s book: “WAIT FOR KATE”:

SOMETIMES IT’S HARD TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW! We try and try, and just don’t seem to succeed. Then we see

Children’s book: “WHO SAW MY GLASSES?”:

Children’s book:”WHO SAW MY GLASSES Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership   Uncle Jake

Children’s Book: Diary of Oscar Rabbit: Funny,

NEW SERIES Read entries from the Top of the Wardrobe Gang’s personal diaries! **FREE as part of your PRIME or

Children’s Book: Monsters in the wall: Bedtime

Nightmares for kids are very real or so they think. Little Nathan is certain monsters are making tapping noises inside

Children’s books:BRUCE THE MOOSE & LILY:

Children’s book:”BRUCE THE MOOSE & LILY” Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership   Lily

Count with Kenny: “1 –20” (Bedtime Stories

COUNT WITH KENNY: 1-20 LEARN NUMBERS THE FUN WAY!! “This book is a wonderful introduction for little ones to learn

Cozy Classics: The Nutcracker

Cuddle up with a classic! In twelve needle-felted scenes and twelve child-friendly words, each book in this ingenious series captures

Dirty Birdies

One curious birdie playing in a mud puddle leads to four new friends, all getting into trouble. Toddlers learn to

DLee’s Snow Day: The Snow Kids & Curious

A winter tale featuring the character DLee, her brother Angel, and her curious cat, Mr. Mustache. Published as a bilingual story,

Everyone Loves a Father (Adorable Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture

Charming illustrations and a rhyming verse dance through this story to honor fathers of all kinds (lions, frogs, sand grouse,

Found Dogs

For fans of Sandra Boynton’s Doggies and a perfect fit for every preschooler’s library, this adorable rhyming and counting book

God Made Mommy Special

From Glenys Nellist, the author who brought us Love Letters from God and Snuggle Time Prayers, comes a new book

Green Bean Dance (Lettuce Read About Vegetables)

Hmmm…you don’t think you’ll like green beans — but you decide to give them a try… Is your child a

Green Clover, Green Leaves (The Green Book in the Teach

Did you know many children struggle to learn colors the traditional way: taught side by side, all in one book?

Groovy Joe: Dance Party Countdown (Groovy Joe #2)

Groovy Joe is totally fun.He’s a tail-wagging, song singing party of one!And he rocks like this:Disco party bow wow! #1

H is for Horse: the equine paintings of Adeline Halvorson

Adeline Halvorson shares her passion for painting horses on the pages of this light hearted book. Each letter is showcased

Hello, Garden Bugs: A High-Contrast Book

Ladybugs, snails, and butterflies! Oh my! This charming introduction to ten garden bugs, paired with friendly text and bold basic

Henry Helps Make Cookies

On a rainy day, Henry helps his mom make cookies. From mixing to measuring, making cookies is a lot of

I am running out of candies

Do you want to meet a boy who has an unusual head with flying lice orbiting around it? Or meet

I Have a Dog! A Rhyming Children’s Picture Book

PRESCHOOL BOOKS: Teach your children to read an easy written word: DOG! (2-5 years old) This Picture Book in the

If I Were a Rainbow (Sweet Rhyming MULTICULTURAL Children’s

What can a flower, an apple, a cloud in the sky, a pumpkin, even a raindrop teach a child? Perhaps

Jungle Gym

With a cast of characters including a zebra, toucan, and a hippo, everyday concepts such as up/down and in/out are

K is for Kindergarten (Sleeping Bear Alphabet Books)

Here comes kindergarten! Whether your little reader is gearing up for the first day or making her way through the

Kitten Preschool – Colors

Children aren’t the only ones who have to go to preschool. Kittens need to learn too. This lovely children’s e-board

Money A to Z

The ultimate book to help your children learn their ABC’s and simple lessons about money! Written by best-selling author and

Mountain Machines: A ski hill counting book

Two to five-year-olds will love Mountain Machines and its colorful view of the antics of the gondolas, groomers, bull wheels


A hungry mouse discovers the alphabet, nibble by nibble, in this playful tale. When the letter M comes upon a

Music Is . . .

From music writer and The Creative Independent/Kickstarter Editor in Chief Brandon Stosuy, comes an entertaining new board book that introduces

My Buddy Knows.Letters

Say GOODBYE to boring old “A is for Apple” alphabet books and say HELLO to the exciting, playful world of

My First Alphabet Book. For Toddlers 2-5 years old.:

A great ABC Book for Kids. Our Alphabet Picture Book for Kids is fun and interesting! A special style of

My Nativity ABCs

Create a Christ- led Christmas with this gorgeously illustrated ABC book that’s all about the Savior. From the A for

My Special Sound

One morning a little music note decides to go on an adventure and find his own special sound. He meets