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51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship: Social Impact

51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship is an actionable Q&A, written as story, that takes you from wherever you are and

A Roadmap to Green Supply Chains: Using Supply Chain

This book shows the relationship between the sustainability movement and supply chains. It provides a guide for supply chain professionals,

Adding Profit by Adding Purpose: The CFO’s CSR

Adding Profit by Adding Purpose: The CFO’s CSR Handbook makes a compelling case that effective corporate social responsibility programs can

Audacious Endeavors: 8 Steps to Light Your Inner Fire

A step-by-step guide on how to align your soul’s mission (inner artist) with the new economy through socially conscious business

Best Way for Beginners to Invest: Invest with confidence,

Do you want to learn the best way to invest and start investing like a pro? If you are still

Better World Shopping Guide #6: Every Dollar Makes

While we strive to make our vote count every four years, few of us realize that our most immediate power

Bitcoin & Blockchain: The Whole Truth about Cryptocurrency

The world has been gripped by the words Bitcoin alongside with the Cryptocurrency. They spread round and captivated everybody as

BIZ BOOST FORMULA: 5 Simple Steps to Business Profit:

Biz Boost Formula: How to Create a Profitable Business in 5 simple steps.Here you have a business book which will

Blood Shattered (The Iron Series Book 5)

Betrayal. Secrets. And the ultimate sacrifice. Kory finally discovers Kye’s true motives and, if his nightmare becomes a reality, the

Broken Wing: Birds, Blades and Broken Promises

Wind Turbines kill massive numbers of birds, are CO2 intensive, are inefficient, run intermittently and reward billionaires rather than common

Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the

After centuries of economic activity based on extraction, exploitation, and depletion, we now face undeniable environmental threats. New business models

China Fast Forward: The Technologies, Green Industries

Will China Surpass the United States as an innovation nation? China is tirelessly working to overcome its technological deficiencies by

Clean, Green and Reliable

This is a book about common sense. It is also about doing the right thing. It’s about making more with

Climb the Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career

Want to make your workplace more sustainable, get ahead in your career and improve your reputation? Want to help your company or

Communicating Sustainability for the Green Economy

With chapters written by experts in their field, this volume advances the understanding of theory and successful practice of marketing

Complexity and Sustainability (Routledge Studies in

Complex dynamic system studies have been studied explicitly in the natural sciences, and most only implicitly throughout other fields. Yet

Connected Age: Being the Best You Can in the New World

Sudhakar Ram, head of IT firm Mastek,talks about how to run companies better, make our personal lives more fulfilling and

Cool Companies: How the Best Businesses Boost Profits

Despite ongoing negotiations, consensus has not yet been reached on what action will be taken to combat global warming. A

Do Less, Achieve More with Peace of Mind: How to get

Would you love to get more done with less time, less stress and less worry?. Then this is the book

Don’t KILL the Canary: Simple Strategies to Protect

Don’t Kill the Canary provides solid information on the threats posed by everyday products, offering helpful tips for making your

Dumpster Diving And Trash Picking – Tips And

This short book will give you tips and tricks about Dumpster Diving and Trash Picking. Is it legal in your

Economía ecológica y política ambiental (Economia)

Los autores dan cuenta de los esfuerzos de la economía por contabilizar el precio de la sobreexplotación ecológica y actualizan

Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future

The Fire Age began before the Stone Age. It began even before homo sapiens – but we are still in

Environmental Economics: A Very Short Introduction

If environmental protection is costly, how much should we spend on pollution control? Is it worth reducing pollution to zero,

Finding Purpose: Environmental Stewardship as a Personal

Both thoughtful and thought-provoking, Finding Purpose aims to challenge our understanding of how humanity interacts with planet Earth, and our role

Foundation of Green IT: Consolidation, Virtualization,

“This book comprehensively discusses design considerations for the truly energy efficient data center.” Scott Davis, Chief Data Center Architect, Office

From Farm to Market: Stories of Farmers & Artisans

I have been involved with farmers markets as a patron and/or vendor for 24 years. I sold my handmade soaps,

From Walden to Wall Street: Frontiers of Conservation

“From Walden to Wall Street makes clear that a system of market-based conservation finance is vital to the future of

Future Fit

The world of business is changing and fast. Complex, inter-related challenges now face all our enterprises. Future Fit is a

Global Ecology and Unequal Exchange: Fetishism in a

In modern society, we tend to have faith in technology. But is our concept of ‘technology’ itself a cultural illusion?

Global Sustainability: 21 Leading CEOs Show How to

Smart business leaders care about Sustainability. It’s not just good PR—it’s good business, and a growing number of leading CEOs

Global Warming Is Good for Business: How Savvy Entrepreneurs,

As consumers demand planet-friendly products and investors look for “”green companies”” to put their money into, more and more businesses

Going Green for the GENIUS

Where are you on your lifelong journey to make good green and sustainable choices? Whatever your starting point, Going Green

Going Green Together – How to Align Employees

At a time when ‘going green’ is at the top of the agenda of many organizations one of the most

Green Electrical Energy Storage

Cutting-edge technologies, finance, and implementation for real-world renewable energy storage applications Plan, fund, and successfully implement renewable energy storage projects

Green Farming

Most things tagged free, I’ve found, are gonna cost you. Like the free green fertilizer in this piece on green

Green Is Good: Save Money, Make Money, and Help Your

Here is a no-nonsense guide to how you, the average American, can easily make clean energy and energy efficiency part

Green Scorecard: Measuring the Return on Investment

Too many organizations are currently caught in a “green slump,” struggling to engage in sustainability projects and making far less

Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World: Combining Principles

Create a Better World Through the Power of Profit! Imagine your business making a big impact solving problems like hunger,


Sabia que cada día se generan gran cantidad de toneladas de basura plástica? Ademas, sabia usted que el 90% de

Harvard Business Review on Greening Your Business Profitably

Protect the earth and your bottom line.If you need the best practices and ideas for turning sustainability into competitive advantage–but

Healing Capitalism: Five Years in the Life of Business,

The global response from business to social and environmental issues during the past decade has created a corporate responsibility movement.

How to Get & Keep Your Own House Cleaning Clients:

Christine will teach you how to start a successful, residential house cleaning business using “green” products. If you have always

How To Go With Free Home Power From The Sun: Live

How To Go With Free Home Power - – is all about how any home-owner can get a free home

How to Make Money Online Series Book 1 of 10: Discover

How to Make Money Online: How to Make Money using the Internet This eBook in my How To Make Money

In the Light of Humane Nature: Human Values, Nature,

In the Light of Humane Nature describes the underlying, causal roots of our environmental problems and offers a conceptual solution

Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon

In Small is Possible Lyle Estill introduced the compelling story of the creation of a strong local economy by several

Jobs to Jammies!: Get Out of Your J.O.B. & Be

Have you ever felt like your J.O.B. might be killing you? Do you “know” that if you could just get