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1440: What the Ultra-Successful Do to Get More Out

Each of us has the same amount of time: 1440 minutes in every day. What sets ultra-successful people apart from


EXCEL SHORTCUTS No doubt Microsoft excel is a very powerful application that is used by many businesses and people around

3-1/2 IRS Audit Red Flags: that Trigger 99% of all

INSIDER’S SECRETS: The IRS Auditors, USDOJ, Criminal Investigators, Tax Professionals and Tax Protest Promoters do not want you to know.

A Handbook On How To Use Your Financial Statements

When entrepreneurs and small business owners have problems, they grit their teeth, hitch up their pants, and work harder, when

A Picture Book of Nonprofit Financial Statements

NEW 60-PAGE FULL COLOR BOOK—A simple, visual guide to nonprofit financial statements! No prior accounting knowledge necessary. All in pictures!

A Quick Start Guide to Financial Forecasting: Discover

This book provides a surprisingly straightforward, easy-to-understand guide to one of the most powerful financial tools in business: a reliable

Accounting Dictionary: English-Spanish, Spanish-English,

The first English–Spanish translation dictionary of accounting terms to cover the differences in accounting terminology for Spanish-speaking countries This bilingual

Accounting for Investments, Equities, Futures and Options:

The 2008 financial crisis highlighted the need for responsible corporate governance within financial institutions. The key to ensuring that adequate

Accounting for Real Estate Transactions: A Guide For

Accounting for Real Estate Transactions, Second Edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference guide, specifically written to help professionals understand and

Accounting Illustrated Dictionary: Learn Accounting

Learn Accounting Visually with over one-hundred illustrated terms and examples. Perfect for students and professionals learning: -Accounting Equation-Financial Statements-Financial Ratios-Generally

Accounting Principles I Made Easy: A Self-Help Guide

It’s not every day that a user-friendly guide to understanding accounting principles comes along and changes the way you learn

Adding a Xero to Your Practice: Practical Advice for

If you are like many accounting professionals, you have started to feel it. The tremors that let you know something

An Accounting Capstone Workbook & Case Study

As with any undertaking in a business context, any solution should be a response to a recognizable problem. Solutions that

Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity,

Drive profitability, productivity, and accountability To create extraordinary lives, we must learn to “unplug” from the constant barrage of disruptions

Auditing and GRC Automation in SAP

Over the last few years, financial statement scandals, cases of fraud and corruption, data protection violations, and other legal violations

BASE Jump: Finding Yourself In An Unfulfilling Professional

You picked up this book because you achieved the success you dreamed of but feel pulled toward something else. When

BCA Business Case Analysis: Second Edition

A business case analysis is one of the most common types of reports used by modern businesses and governmental organizations.

Be Financially Free: How to become salary independent

Wouldn’t it be great to be free from financial worries? To be able to live the life you choose instead

Being Your Own Boss: How to start up a business

Turn Your Life Around & Become A Successful Businesswoman Thanks To This Incredibly Inspiring Book Brought To You By Alexandra

Bitcoin: The Currency Of The Future

Bitcoin The Currency Of The Future You have probably heard of Bitcoin. It has garnered a lot of attention lately,

Blueprint to Business: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Essential reading for any would-be entrepreneur Blueprint to Business is the ultimate guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Bestselling author

Body of Business: Principles of a Healthy Business

Meet BOB. Bob is committed to providing entrepreneurs and business owners with the insights you need to build and maintain

Building Foundations By Setting Goals

“Rich, I sure am glad you took Zig Ziglar’s advice and wrote this book! I know everyone who reads it

Business Restructuring: An Action Template for Reducing

An effective, long-term strategy for maintaining corporate growth, profit and competitive edge Depicting a progressive emergent framework for long-term growth,

Century 21 Accounting: Multicolumn Journal (Accounting

Transform your high school accounting course with CENTURY 21 ACCOUNTING MULTICOLUMN JOURNAL 10E, the leader in high school accounting education

Coaching: El método para mejorar el rendimiento de

Esta edición revisada y ampliada de la «biblia» del coaching profesional revolucionará cómo se aborda tradicionalmente la cultura de las

Corporate Value Creation: An Operations Framework for

A detailed crash course in business management for value creation Corporate Value Creation provides an operations framework that management can

Cost Accounting Fundamentals: Fourth Edition: Essential

Cost Accounting Fundamentals addresses all key cost accounting topics, including inventory valuation, job costing, process costing, and standard costing. It

Don’t Play Chicken with Your Nest Egg: How to

This book, as the title implies, tackles a serious topic with a sense of fun. Baby Boomers are reaching age

Double Your Accounting Firm: Lessons Learned on How

Most accounting & bookkeeping firms stagnate because they haven’t found the right way to: + Acquire the right type of

Economic Development Finance

Economic Development Finance is a comprehensive and in-depth presentation of private, public, and community financial institutions, policies and methods for

Finance for Strategic Decision-Making: What Non-Financial

Finance for Strategic Decision Making demystifies and clarifies for non-financial executives the basics of financial analysis. It shows how they

Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection: Governance

Step-by-step guidance for board members and executives on preventing and detecting accounting fraud In the wake of highly publicized allegations

Financial Strategic Project Management SPOMP: Implementing

Award-Winning Finalist in the Business Category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards SEDUCE STAKEHOLDERS There is a high

Financial Warnings: Detecting Earning Surprises, Avoiding

A comprehensive, accessible, and innovative approach to a potentially devastating problem. When a firm’s actual earnings fall significantly short of

Fraud 101: Techniques and Strategies for Understanding

A straightforward guide explaining the nature of financial fraud Fraud continues to be one of the fastest growing and most

From Zero to Zen: Secret Keys to Nurturing Your Numbers

Are you frustrated with your finances and ready for a painless solution? Is your coaching or creative business ramping up,

FT Guide to Understanding Finance: A no-nonsense companion

Whether you are an executive or a student, beginner or expert, this book is designed to explain and illustrate the

Great Managers Are Always Nice: Including Model Conversations

You don’t have to be a hard-ass to be a good manager. You don’t need threats or discipline to get

Guiding Change Journeys: A Synergistic Approach to

Guiding Change Journeys, a title in The Practicing Organization Development Series, takes you on a cross-cultural odyssey of personal and

Hammock Income: How to have your money work best for

Have you been interested in investing in real estate but want to be as far away from fixing plumbing issues

Handbook of Accounting Guideposts (Handbook Series

Accounting needs to be economic truth and should inspire confidence. Techniques change constantly. Principles of mathematics, arithmetic, and accounting are

Handbook of Accounting Standards (Handbooks of Accounting

Current authoritative accounting standards are codified online at and auditing standards are codified at Standards of accounting are

Handbook of Accounting Valuations (Handbooks of Accounting

This book is a conceptual review of valuation. In simpler times accountants just put the numbers of the books and

Have You Ever Seen A Retired Tiger In The Jungle?

A manifesto for democratic and responsible capitalism.How the affluent nations of the world could eradicate pensioner poverty within their national

How to Design and Sell T-shirts: Making Money with

Making Money with Design Your Own T-shirt This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to set up your

How To Learn Quickbooks For Accounting Quickly!

How to Learn QuickBooks for Accounting Quickly! Do you wish to become a reliable accountant, tax professional, or bookkeeper? Learning

I Quit My Job To Help You Quit Yours: Your Plan To

If you’re the kind of person who wants to leave the corporate environment and finally live your life on your