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“Failing Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure”

“YOU CANNOT SUCCEED UNTIL YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO FAIL” “As I read through Brad’s book I found that we

226: How I Became the First Blind Person to Kayak the

Lonnie Bedwell (U.S. Navy, retired) shares his incredible and inspiring true story of becoming the first blind person to navigate

A Dream of Gold

A Dream of Gold is the thrilling true story of Danny Vanderschelden and the Sugar Pine Mine. Danny began his

A Matter of Time

“A Matter of Time” is a high-action drama and a gripping story of one man’s journey through his own personal

A MI LADO, EL MIEDO (Spanish Edition)

“Lo que van a leer aquí es una aleccionadora crónica de la vida de un piloto, conmovedoramente humana.Una canción famosa

A Place to Belong

Almost everyone longs for a place where they fit in, a place where they feel safe and loved. For most

A Smuggler’s Guide to Good Manners: A True Story

A Smuggler’s Guide to Good Manners is a true story of wild seas, double dealing, and love across three oceans.

Above and Beyond: Life of an Alaskan Aviator and Voyager

This is a memoir of an Alaskan adventurer. He piloted the first foreign aircraft into Siberia to conduct low level

Adventure, Love, and Airplanes: A Young Man’s

Contained in this collection of poems , you will find romance, heartbreak, and the frustration of unrequited love; and that’s

Adventures of a Curious Sculptor: a memoir

Not satisfied with the status quo in her North Carolina hometown, Maggie Minor left home at the age of 20

An OCD Life

Description The Book depicts the life of Fred Mletzko, an accomplished Coast Guard Officer and High School Math Teacher and

Around the World in a Cement Boat: A Young Girl’s

Cheryl’s Dad had a crazy plan. He wanted to build a cement boat and take the entire family, including a

Babes, Booze & Biceps

KIRKUS BOOK REVIEW An impressive follow-up to Slayback’s (Boys, Bumps & Blood, 2013) debut memoir.The author picks up right where

Birth of a Spitfire

Ask any small boy today “What is a Spitfire?” and the likely response will be “It’s a fighter aircraft that

Blood, Sweat, Gypsies and Dreams

This book will take you with Scotty on his improbable journey across the world, through countless hardships and obstacles. Yet

Borders, Bandits, and Baby Wipes: A Big Adventure in

Inspired and challenged by his quests of “getting there,” Bassam Tarazi and two friends signed on for the infamous Mongol

Breaking Borders: Travels in Pursuit of an Impossible

There are 196 officially recognized countries in the world. In 2013, James Asquith became the youngest person in history to

Canopy of Darkness

What people are saying about Canopy of Darkness; “Engage in this captivating journey of unraveling a world view that is

Casting Off

Chris de Grabowski, first saw the sea when he was seven. From that moment, the sea was his passion. In

Catherine’s Kid: One boy’s story of growing

From 1945 until 1962 the life-shaping experiences and coming of age accounts of one World War II orphan as he

Chasing the Lost City: Chronicles of Discovery in Honduras

Chasing The Lost City: Chronicles of Discovery in Honduras is the story of the search for Ciudad Blanca, also known


DE LA MANO DE DIOS……A LA FRONTERA .Ven e involucrate en esta historia de la vida real, que te llevara

Detour to Papeete

When I was 18, I shipped out on a freighter headed to Australia on a journey that changed my life.

Disaster Pastor: The Power of a Small Light

Read stories from the journal entries of Toby Nelson who heard the voice of God say “you do not have

Dispatches from the Kabul Café

Where can you buy 913 Kalashnikovs? How do you tell a friend her expat love is never coming back? What’s

distraction: a true story

Satrece, a young Texas-born, contemporary woman finds herself all alone in this world after the death of her father. Yearning

Dodging Elephants

Flung off the corporate hamster wheel by impending redundancy, Alice decided to carpe that diem and sign up for the

Dreams I’m Never Gonna See: The Takeover of WDIZ

In 1994, the comedy film Airheads popularized the legend of lovable losers taking over a radio station to promote their

Exotic Life: Travel Tales of an Adventurous Woman

1st place winner best memoir North American Book Awards and winner of the Best Women’s Adventure Memoir in the BAIPA

Gidget Goes To Philly

Gidget is a nick name that the Saidah was given by family and friends based off “Gidget” a fictional character

Gone Through Many Doors In My Life

This door I came out victorious! I’m not a celebrity I‘m a normal hard working woman who has experienced many

Hold Fast: A Hollywood Pirate’s Tale

It would be virtually impossible to invent Mark Ryan. In his life he has been a soldier, a singer, a

I Killed a Rat: True Tales From Wild Places

Dan Brooklyn’s exotic travel stories and trip reports, filled with heartwarming humanity, palpable atmosphere and sharp satire offer moments of

In Cold Water

In Cold Water immerses the reader in the challenges, sights, sounds, triumphs and disappointments of swimming the English Channel–and one

It’s Uphill Most of the Way Down

“It’s Uphill Most of the Way Down,” is about the challenges Barry Lane faced while traveling by canoe though some

Jorgy: The Life of Native Alaskan Bush Pilot and Airline

This is the story of an Eskimo boy, born in an isolated mining community, having only an eight-grade education, who

Journey On: How To Travel The World — Even If You’re

Learn how to travel the world — even make money along the way! With 500+ downloads and a perfect 5-star

Journey to the Heart of Pachamama

If you loved following the solo female adventures in Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert or Wild by Cheryl Strayed-

Learn from My Mistakes!

An open diary of the happy, healing, humorous adventure—exploring obstacles and discovering solutions–bringing three abandoned kittens into our lives!

Live It: Riding the Highs and Lows of a Cross Country

Long sidelined from any kind of athletic endeavors in order to manage the demands of motherhood, Tracy Draper was inspired

Living Liberia: Laughter, Love & Folly

In the winter of his 39th year, Robert Cherry, a journalist and author of the acclaimed biography of an American

Longitude and Latitude, with Attitude: One Man’s

Rufus McGaugh knew early on that he wanted to see the world—all of it. And, later on, he did just

Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape To Share your Dreams

A humorous autobiographical anthology from the author of the best-selling love story series the Horses of Tir Na Nog. ——-//——-

MAGALLANES El hombre y su gesta (Spanish Edition)

Stefan Zweig (Viena, Austria, 28 de noviembre de 1881 – Petrópolis, Brasil, 22 de febrero de 1942) fue un escritor

Marry Me Stop

Miriam was never one to decline an adventure. Even at the age of seventy-eight and suffering from dementia, when asked

Miracle or Coincidence?

A collection of true but unusual stories, which are both exciting and interesting, and poses the question, “Is there a

Mud Diving, Whale Saving, and Other Adventures

This book is a chronology of various types of work in which the author was engaged. These involved Commercial Diving,

Navigating Grace: A Solo Voyage of Survival and Redemption

A moving illustration of the power of grace to elevate us during troubling times, Jeff Jay offers a soulful account