A Boy and a Bird



“This book teaches young people the most important lesson of all – to never give up, no matter what.”
— Brian Tracy, Author of The Psychology of Achievement and The Power of Self-Discipline

“Champions begin where average people stop. This book will inspire children to take that ‘one more step’ toward success.”
— Tom Hopkins, Author of The Official Guide to Success and How to Master the Art of Selling

“Life is a journey, both with valleys and hills. You can do anything with a power called will.” -A Boy and a Bird

Come along with A Boy and a Bird up a mountain they never thought they could climb, as they learn lessons of willpower, persistence, and taking one step at a time!

Beautifully illustrated and rhythmically engaging, A Boy and a Bird is a story about a boy who never completed what he started, until a special adventure with a one-winged bird takes him on a journey to conquer his fears to understand that he can accomplish anything!