A Pet Lion: A lion story book for kids: For kids who



A lion book for kids!

“I want a pet lion,” Lucy declares with delight.

“I’ll play with it, feed it and cuddle it tight.”

About A Pet Lion

In this children’s book all about lions, meet Lucy, a feisty 4 year old with a determined spirit.

Her fifth birthday is approaching soon and her favourite soft toy, an old stuffed lion, badly needs mending. As a birthday gift, Lucy would love a pet lion and imagines how she will look after it and what fun they would have together, despite what she is told about lions by her family. She promises her family that she will play with her pet lion, feed it and cuddle it tight. Our lion story book unfolds as little by little, Lucy discovers the true nature of the king of the jungle.

A Pet Lion is not a pet book for kids, but a pet lion book for kids, beautifully illustrated by real-life family scenes and detailed scenes of a little girl’s imagination. You and your kids will be roaring with delight!

A bilingual story

A Pet Lion has been beautifully translated into French, Un Lion de Compagnie, keeping the rhythm and rhyme throughout. The language is simple in English and French, making these books perfect bilingual support material for teaching children either French or English, or introducing toddlers to foreign language sounds.

A word from the author

My daughter Chloé plagued us for ages about having a pet lion. She only saw a big, furry cat with gleaming eyes and beautiful fur that she desperately wanted to stroke. She had no fear of the big cat’s sharp teeth or an understanding of what a lion might need to survive. She was happy to impose her imagination – she simply wanted a pet lion. Our lion book for your kids reveals how a little girl realizes she cannot keep a wild animal as a pet. Parents can learn about letting their kids down gently.