51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship: Social Impact



51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship is an actionable Q&A, written as story, that takes you from wherever you are and introduces you to game-changing concepts around social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

If you have ever been curious about, or even overwhelmed by, the options, terms, possibilities, and potential in creating and scaling social ventures, this book was designed especially for YOU!

Written by attorney, blogger, podcast host, impact storyteller, and founder of Innov8social.com—Neetal Parekh, the book draws upon her dynamic experience in the space. It incorporates her perspective of following the development of new legal structures for social enterprise, her experiences participating in and founding early stage Silicon Valley startups with impact motivations, and her interviews with over eighty international social impact thinkers and doers.

The questions and answers are anchored by three characters who meet at a workshop for aspiring social entrepreneurs. You will meet Sara, a generation Z entrepreneur whose life was impacted by the Great Recession and has chosen an alternative higher education path. She is joined by Jay, a law student born in South Asia and who participated in AmeriCorps before embarking on his legal education. To round out the team is Tino, a senior and serial entrepreneur, with decades of startup and business experience but who is now looking to turn his talents, skills, and focus on a venture that is anchored in social impact.

How will their social impact idea fare? Join their journey of exploration, and in the process, learn essential learnings about how social entrepreneurship is defined, how social enterprises use business models to further their impact, how social entrepreneurs measure impact, how enterprises can decide on a legal structure, how social entrepreneurs raise funds, how social enterprise is emerging and evolving globally. Additionally, there are questions about surviving (and even thriving) from from the grit of trying to launch business that create both impact and profit.

It is an incredibly exciting time for social enterprise. Get in the know, so you can #goanddo!

* Innov8social and 51 Questions follow a 1-1-1 model where 1% of proceeds, 1% of books and product, and 1% of time is dedicated to funding, educating, and empowering social entrepreneurs and social innovators.