20 Principles of Productivity: Focus, Motivation, Organization,



This book will help you become more productive and professional starting today and for the rest of your life. Boosting your overall productivity will help you get more done in your business or any job regardless of which career you choose.

This book is a collection of 20 productivity principles that will help you accomplish more in your daily minute to minute work, and in your life’s work by helping you set your life’s work on a path better suited for you as the individual. This book will help you identify the what’s most important for you, focus on those things, and say no to the things that are not important.

Here are some of the productivity fields covered in this book:

– Productivity fundamentals
– Improving your focus
– Self-discipline
– Habit building: learn to form healthy work habits that replace damaging or bad habits
– Productivity smartphone apps and desktop software
– Minimizing distractions from your phone, co-workers, and browser tabs
– Organization (how to improve organization of your desk and work area)
– Task and project outsourcing
– Task delegation
– Business process optimization
– Marketing optimization and automation
– Work efficiency
– Faster learning with coaching and masterminds
– Planning projects ahead
– Overall health maintenance for productivity
– Improving your memory and cognitive ability. Memory is underrated in how closely it is related to ability to learn faster and intelligence
– Time management, keeping a calendar and a schedule
– Task and project prioritization
– Self-awareness to make wiser choices
– Practicing Mindfulness meditation to reinforce your self-awareness so you can choose projects and life goals more wisely after working on getting to know yourself better
– Psychology and mindset to boost everything from focus to motivation to having more clarity when it comes to greater goal setting for your life
– How to uncover your life purpose and set your life on the path that is right for you
– Goal setting: short-term goal setting and long-term goal setting for your life projects
– Reversing and decreasing procrastination by recognizing that procrastination is often a habit that we have to replace with a better habit
– Boosting motivation (how to get short-term intrinsic and long-term extrinsic motivation)
– Productive market testing for products and business ideas
– Meeting productivity

This book will help you become more productive today and for the rest of your career. No matter which career you choose, whether you want to start a business or be a productive and highly effective employee who shoots up through the ranks at your company, this book will give you all the tools to help you stand out, and do your best work.

There are more than 20 principles of productivity in this book. I often add to the book. In the most recent edition of the book, I added a chapter on memory management and improving your memory. Memory has to do with intelligence and our cognitive abilities and has an impact on our overall productivity. I’ll be constantly working to add even more productivity strategies to this book on an ongoing basis. If you have the Kindle version of the book, your Kindle copy of the book will update automatically as the book is updated.

Get this book today, and begin making yourself much more effective at everything you do, getting more done.