3-1/2 IRS Audit Red Flags: that Trigger 99% of all



INSIDER’S SECRETS: The IRS Auditors, USDOJ, Criminal Investigators, Tax Professionals and Tax Protest Promoters do not want you to know. Documented with real life cases. Proven by official IRS case results.

_____3½ IRS RED FLAGS: It is 1) NOT how to cheat the Taxman 2) NOT a list of deductions that you can get from the IRS, tax software, tax books, internet, research or classes and 3) NOT cryptic or useless red flags like DIF score or “You’ll get audited it you have itemized deductions, high earnings, under-report income, or own a business.” 3½ IRS RED FLAGS: Be a TAX HOUDINI – Cut taxes and avoid the audit traps of IRS Tax, Flat Tax and Fair Tax, even when others fail. It is the true solution for everyone, especially high audit-risk tax returns (tax credits, itemized deductions, high income and business – contractors, sole proprietors, partnerships, non-profit, estates, trusts, corporations & Fortune 500). This No-Nonsense book documents real life cases from author’s 20+ years of IRS representation, in and out of court, explains in plain English, three-and-half things that you can do to realistically, legally and easily 1) Cut your taxes by up to 50% or more, 2) Reduce your IRS audit risk by up to 99%, 3) Increase your chance of surviving the IRS audit unscathed by up to 780% 4) Reduce your assessments by up to 99% even when you fail an audit and 5) Substantially reduce, if not eliminate your risk of a criminal conviction or imprisonment.

_____DEAN Q. WYNN, CPA, MBA is a Director at Wynn-Wynn Tax Solutions, Inc., is a Certified Public Accountant with a Master of Accountancy. This book is based on his 20+ years of experience, working with various attorneys (Sam L. Milledge, Altaf Adam, Samuell L. Milledge and Eric T. McFerren) to help our clients with estate planning, corporate restructuring and tax resolutions, with 99% success in resolving IRS problems that other tax professionals created or failed to settle. Our team has successfully resolved thousands of cases with the IRS, Grand Jury Investigation, CID, FBI, USDOJ, SEC, ICE, USCIS, ATF, DHS, TWF, and Texas Comptroller. Our clients call our team a Godsend, settling cases in and out of court (tax, bankruptcy, criminal, and civil) by reaching win-win solutions for all involved such that there was no need for anyone to be convicted or imprisoned.

_____We have come to realize that saving one life at a time is a slow and tedious process. If you like this book, please help us and others by referring it to your family and friends… asking them to refer it to their family and friends, and so on. It may save somebody from losing their job, family, lifetime wealth, health, freedom or even lives. In fact, if you know of any desperate taxpayer, who’s at risk of losing his or her “life” and/or freedom due to IRS issues but cannot afford this book, please let us know. We’ll gladly send him/her a complimentary copy and, if necessary, provide advices free of charge.

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