A Drug Dealer’s Journey to Freedom



None of us have insight into the challenges and experiences we will face along the path of life as we attempt to manage it and all its uncertainties that come with the package. Statistically, when uncertainties are the result of an imbalanced support system, exposure to drugs and crime, and a lack of positive male role models, the outcome is death or a long prison sentence.

Alonzo Burns walks you through the highs and lows of his personal journey to escape the fast life and how he re-established himself on a path of productivity and relevance. He defies the notion that you have to be a product of your environment. Instead, he reveals how to use negative experiences as fuel to propel you into your destiny. Hold tight and prepare yourself for a “behind the scenes” look into his raw and uncut journey.

“When I first encountered the street life, it was through observation. I was fascinated with the drug dealers’ popularity, respect from the hood, the material things that followed, and all the females that threw themselves at the feet of them. As a young kid that was seeking and searching for a male role model, it was easy to get sucked into this type of lifestyle and that is exactly what happened.” – From the Chapter: Street Life Expired

Alonzo Burns is an ex-drug dealer who went from the street corner to Corporate America. He has years of experience as an IT technologist in Corporate America and is an entrepreneur that operates a real-estate investment company as well. His passion and focus are sharing his life experiences to the hopeless and forgotten to provide encouragement to fulfill dreams and aspirations.