GANZIR – Part 1: Bad Guy (GANZIR – The



What is GANZIR?

A person? A place? A thing of myth? Enter the gates of Ganzir to a dimension of evil as ancient as the Universe. But if you’re to survive your journey to the truth, remember one thing: Not everything is as it seems!

Part 1: BAD GUY

A bank robbery gone wrong, Ray and Danny barely escape with the money and their lives. Now on the run, their odds of survival are low and their getaway car may be speeding them towards nothing more than a cold and lonely death in the night. But mysterious forces are at work, and the two are drawn to the shadowy town of Baileyville. A town held in a grip of terror by a ruthless racketeer named Nikolai, who answers to an unseen kingpin known only as The Old Man. Nikolai and his thugs rule over the people of Baileyville and The Old Man rules over them… but another force rules over all… GANZIR.

To defeat Nikolai and escape the Old Man’s deadly grasp, Ray and Danny embark on a dizzying adventure that will plunge them into the distant past and send them hurtling to the farthest stars of the future, where GANZIR awaits them.