Howdy Doody, Number 1



In this lovingly remastered premiere issue of Howdy Doody we find the following adventures, activities and tales…

Say a fine howdy-do to our favorite little boy in “Howdy Doody”. Howdy wins some money and takes to the sea in “Howdy and the Pirates”. Mr. Bluster won’t let Flub-a-Dub see his show in “Mister Bluster’s Circus”. Dilly and Howdy ditch their chores in “Dilly Dally”. Howdy plays in the snow in “Howdy in Alaska” plus many more short tales, games and activities.

Published in the 1950’s, Howdy Doody s is an artful take on America’s most beloved, freckle-faced cowboy puppet. Written by Ed Kean and John Stanley the takes an interesting look at Howdy without Buffalo Bob Smith always around.

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