#FallFromGrace (Cairo Cafe Book 0)



“I got wrapped up in the hilarious and quirky characters, forgetting that under all the wonderful campiness of the setting and character interactions there’s a mystery here…I found this to be unique and charming overall, with lovable characters and witty dialog. I’m hooked, and eagerly awaiting the next installments!”

Sip a steaming cup of coffee and bite into a slice of apple pie at the Cairo Cafe as the reluctant poster boy for Gay Americans in the 21st century finds home again in the most unwelcoming locale, clashing with small town mores alive and well albeit struggling to stay alive in a fast changing world.

CAIRO CAFE is a new Northwest Passage Mysteries comic series in the tradition of quirky ’90s TV dramedy “Northern Exposure” and set in Doc Dale and Officer Queenie’s hometown of Egypt, Oregon and the eponymous coffee shop in the one Starbucks town.

#0 “#FallFromGrace” is an origin issue explaining how the cast gets their superpowers! Not really but they do know every Broadway musical lyric by heart and can be really snarky, a superpower in itself (not to perpetuate gay stereotypes further). Ex-Big City mayor, Abraham “Linc” Lincoln is outed then ousted…don’t let me spoil the story, Experience it for yourself. It’s rendered in realistic GAY-D, including the sizzling male/male sex begged for in parent series NWPM but only teased (NWPM is a Family Show after all..same sex families being families like everyone else happy with domestic tedium).

So if you like quirky small town settings, mysteries with a sense of humor, or just want to see 3D characters lovin, Cairo Cafe will be served piping hot to the sexy device of your choice.