A Fistful of Lunars: Shamsee Book 1



Shamsee’s a small time thief short on common sense. When he crosses The Blighter, a powerful gangster, Shamsee finds himself in debt and in trouble.

While calling upon his resources and stumbling across luck both good and bad, the criminal underworld threatens to come out from under him.

Business associates, old flames and new flings all want something from Shamsee, and he’s willing to give: for the right price.

Songs are sung, jobs are blown and blood is spilled in the quest for



From the pages of Tristan J. Tarwater’s ‘The Valley of Ten Crescents’ fantasy novels comes ‘Shamsee: A Fistful of Lunars’ – a graphic novel following Shamsee, a petty thief known for his dim wits and good luck.