Diary of an Adventurous Creeper (Book 1): Creeper Chronicles



Brace yourselves as your world gets filled with lots of fun and excitement as you join Carl the Creeper in his quest to find his family!

Being alone in a world where everybody has friends and family is one of the worst things that could ever happen to someone. This is exactly what Carl the Minecraft Creeper is going through right now. He never had a family, or a friend. The worst thing is, everyone in his place seemed to have not liked him either.

What if, there’s something Carl could do to get himself a family? It surely wouldn’t be an easy mission. But, is Carl brave enough to take the risks? And is he willing enough to do anything he needs to do to get his wish granted? What are the adventures that await him?

This story about friendship, family and adventure is brought to you by Mark Mulle, one of Amazon’s best-selling authors.

Grab this Minecraft book now and enter the enchanting world of Minecraft® with Carl and the rest of the gang! Creeper Chronicles is a story that follows the budding of friendships and explores the rewards of courage, honesty and perseverance.

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