My Comic Mom!! Golden Age Artist Vee Quintal Pearson!!!



“Very nice! Your mother could easily have gone on to draw for many publishers such as True Crime or Gleason & Biro’s Crime Does Not Pay in the 1946 era.”
sez: Roy Thomas, retired chief at Marvel Comics & editor of Roy Thomas’s Comics Fanzine ALTER EGO

Synopsis text:
This exclusive ebook bio about a lost female artist from the Golden Age of Comics, skips the sappy stuff as it digs into the lifelong career of Vee Quintal Pearson. At 19 she penciled, inked and lettered her first action comics which eventually amassed more than 534 full pages published in just under a decade of work as lead artist for the FIRST weekly full-color comic book: HEROES ALL, beginning Sept 1943, located in Minneapolis.

At 23 Vee took a year break from print to take over direction to complete Czech animator Karel Dodal’s ten-minute film project, Paul Bunyan.

Part II features later freelance work, strange hobbies, and Vee’s return to illustration work and comics in the 1980s. Extensive End Notes and Web Gallery puts the images and complete production specs out there for demanding collectors!

Also includes: Vee’s military comics, funny animal comics, unpublished action crime comics, plus original research sketches.

Commentary by Vee’s author/illustrator daughter, Robyn (Pearson) Dean McHattie, redefines the memoir genre.

“’Call me Ishmael’ pales in comparison to My Comic Mom’s opener.
McHattie’s style is ideal, wry, ironic and pitch perfect in detailing
the tribulations of this hyper-talented Claudette Colbert look-alike,
without belting the reader in the chops with the unfairness of it all.”
—David Hannula, Omlet Prynce of Fynnland, playwright