Is That a Picasso on Your Fridge?: Kids’ “Masterpieces”




Kids create them. Parents submit them. An art critic reviews them.

And don’t think for one second he doesn’t know exactly what he’s talking about! With characteristically overblown, egotistical, WTF critiques, this book hilariously deconstructs works of children’s art as if they were the newest installations at a modern art museum.

Age can’t constrain greatness. Mozart composed at five. Picasso was painting at seven. If one doubts that young children reveal signs of genius every time they touch crayon to paper, just ask any parent about the artwork on their refrigerator door. But regular people don’t understand “art,” so it is impossible for them to see the difference between the work of an idiot savant and a kid who’s just an idiot. In this book with its 60 color images of real kids’ artwork, New York art critic Dan Consiglio separates the wheat from the chaff in the field of children’s art.