“FIREHOUSE 3: Duties of a Firefighter” (Childrens



ARE you looking for a children’s book that is highly entertaining, educational, stories to stir the imagination?
This children’s storybook has it ALL – great for early readers!

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“ARE YOU READY TO CLIMB YOUR OWN LADDER?” (Don’t forget your fireman’s helmet!)

FIREHOUSE 3: Duties of a “Firefighter”

About the Book: There’s so much FUN and hard work at FIREHOUSE 3. Speedy Chris, Thunder Todd, and Lightning Nate show the kids some of their duties when that loud fire alarm goes off! This picture book shows several things that firefighters do besides battling blazes. Kids, parents, and teachers are greeted by the firehouse mascot, SMILEY. Also, check out the fire safety tips in this beautifully-illustrated book.


“This is a wonderful book to introduce Duties of Firefighters to children. I’m Canadian and we have heard a lot in the news about the recent fire in Fort McMurray and the bravery of the fire fighters. This is a straight forward and beautifully illustrated book and a good way to introduce fire safety to children.”~~J Cook

“FIREHOUSE 3 is a simple little book, with fun, bright illustrations, that will appeal to the many youngsters who love trucks – especially fire trucks! I liked the fact that the author also took the opportunity to introduce a few fire safety tips for little ones – such as STOP, DROP and ROLL if your clothes catch fire, and never to play with matches.”~BK Gang

What do little children love in books? Bold colors!

Is your mom a firefighter? Is your dad a “firefighter”?

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“FIREHOUSE 3: Duties of a Firefighter” (Childrens Educational books 3-Fire Engines, Bravery and Pets)(Boy and Girl Firefighters) Rescue Kids Picture Book Story

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