224 Brain puzzles, Mind games, Riddles and Trick Questions

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Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. All is riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle. (R.W Emerson)

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This book was created after a long research from old books, web forums, mobile apps and the childhood memor. It`s a collection of more that 200 challenging riddles and trick questions. Most of the riddles and puzzles can be found on other websites or books but not under this particular form.

The 14 chapters that create this collection make it so unique. You cannot find it anywhere else. We put together what we considered to be the most interesting riddles and brain games. Amongst the different chapters you`ll find:

•Easy warm up riddles, funny riddles and tricks;
•Math puzzles, measuring and weighting problems;
•Detective mystery riddles;
•Logical riddles and puzzles;
•Cross the river puzzles;
•The Einstein puzzle;

The book is suitable for kids of all ages but keep in mind that most of the adults may find a lot of puzzles that will challenge their brain, too! Solving the puzzles with your kids is a lot of fun and a good idea for spending quality time together.

•The answers are one click away and this makes the book so easy to use and interactive! After every riddle you`ll find a link that will show you the answer. Every answer has it`s own way back to the riddle!
•More than 200 brain puzzles, riddles and trick questions for kids and adults;
•The riddles can be solved with logical thinking. Some of them require basic math skills or just inspiration;
•You can read this book with your kindle, PC, smartphone or tablet;
•Your kids, their friends, you and even your friends will be kept entertained for hours;
•Ideal for breaking the ice during awkward silence moments;
•Good for brain training and for boosting your intelligence.

Sure it was a lot of fun for us to put together our collection of brain puzzles and riddles and we hope you`re going to have at least so much fun solving the puzzles!

Kid appropiate material!

Luigi and Jimmy are born exactly at the same time, but they have different birthdays. How can this be?

A square house has all the walls facing south. How is that possible?

What you can you hold in your right hand, but never in your left?

A big bag of chips is 1 kg and half a bag heavy. How much does it weigh?

How can you add eight of eight and get 1000?

How can you put 9 pineapples in 4 bags and still have an uneven number of pineapples in each bag?

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